Deborah Bennett
  • English native speaker
  • Background in scientific research
  • Extensive teaching experience

Deborah has a unique combination of experience in science, research and teaching. She has a PhD in Mathematical Biology, an MA in Teaching English for Academic Purposes and more than ten years of teaching experience in a wide range of teaching contexts. Since founding BETA in 2010, she has offered regular workshops for postgraduates and faculty members at various research institutions in Western Europe. She is an ILM-certified trainer and remains active in English for Academic Purposes research.

Key ideas behind the training


Deborah aims to provide participants with the tools they need to improve their English academic writing and presentation skills so that they can continue the learning process themselves.


Training materials consist exclusively of authentic examples taken directly from the target genre in the relevant discipline. This enables learners to become familiar with the appropriate disciplinary conventions and ensures the maximum relevance of each task.


A central focus of the training is on interaction, practical tasks and detailed individual feedback for each learner. All training is conducted in small groups to facilitate a comfortable open environment where participants can feel free to ask questions, make mistakes and discuss any personal issues.